Bach-Vivaldi/Concerto for 4 Pianos/MultiPiano Ensemble

by admin posted Jun 15, 2017


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"MultiPiano" Ensemble:

Tomer Lev, Berenika Glixman, Daniel Borovitzky, Raviv Leibzirer Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble

/ Barak Tal - Conductor Live / Israel Conservatory Hall, Tel Aviv /

October 2013 Vivaldi's concerto for 4 violins arranged by Bach for 4 Harpsichords.


Concerto for Four Violins and Cello in B Minor, Op. 3, No. 10, concerto for violins and cello by Antonio Vivaldi,

part of a set of 12 concerti published together as his Opus 3.

The composer, who was himself a virtuoso violinist, wrote hundreds of concerti for the violin

but relatively few for four violin soloists.

This concerto was published early in his career, and it contributed to his international reputation.

Of the at least 500 concerti that Vivaldi composed, nearly half are for solo violin.

He wrote such a vast quantity to meet the need for his own concert tours as well as

to supply his students at the Pietà school in Venice.

Usually these concerti matched a single soloist with an orchestra.

The concerti that constitute his Opus 3 are dedicated to the grand prince of Tuscany

and bear the title L’estro armonico (“Harmonic Inspiration”).

Published in Amsterdam in 1711, this collection was the first of Vivaldi’s works

to be printed outside Italy.

Each of the 12 concerti features the violin—sometimes just one soloist,

sometimes two, and sometimes four, as in the case of the B minor concerto.

Because Vivaldi’s foreign publisher had broader distribution channels,

this particular set of concerti came to wider attention than his earlier published works.


The B minor work eventually came into the hands of Johann Sebastian Bach,

who at the time was a little-known court musician and composer in central Germany.

Intrigued by the work and the way that Vivaldi had balanced his varying musical themes,

Bach arranged the piece for four harpsichord soloists and changed the key;

the result is BWV 1065.



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